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Hi, I'm Orkamungus and I'm a technology enthasiast.

You can contact me on github or by email at I'll update this page when I have my mailserver ready.

Here is a picture of me preparing for the WAAAAGH:


This site

I made this website to share with others information on various technology subjects. I will try my best to post most of the content hosted here in English and French. When another language is available, there will be a translation link in the header of the article, besides the author, date and tags.

The content will usually fall into one or many of these categories :

  • GNU/Linux (or simply Linux depending on where you stand)
  • Open source and Free software
  • Security
  • Trends
  • Virtualization
  • And everything that I can't think of at the moment

This site is built using Pelican, but it is still in construction and might be modified. However, the content will survive any aesthetics or functional revisions. I will also try to refrain from extensively modifying the structure of the site. Some form of site search and a commenting system will be implemented one day.

Pelican is a static site generator written in Python. I chose this technology to power my website because it offers a few advantages compared to more traditional blogging platforms (like Wordpress and Drupal) and similar static site generators (like Octopress). Some of them include:

  • No MySQL database since the site is entirely static
  • Does not depend on Ruby
  • Supports translations
  • Very lightweight and fast
  • And I can write my content using any text editor (mostly Vim or Geany) in the Markdown format

Credits to the author of the Fresh theme. If I modify this theme substantially, I will put up the code on my github account.